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Thank you for choosing to volunteer with Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries. These expectations will help ensure you have a positive experience working at TRM Ministries as we work together to serve those in need by bringing Help and Hope through serving the homeless and feeding the hungry.

Respect - 

  • All behavior and communication must be respectful to all you encounter on TRM properties. This includes, but is not limited to guests of TRM or programs in the community, other volunteers, and staff. 

  • Respect is defined as: To take notice of; to regard with special attention; to regard as worthy of special consideration; hence, to care for; to heed; to consider worthy of esteem; to regard with honor. Giving special consideration to, care, esteem, regard, honor. Please be sure all communication and actions are respectful to all. 

  • Any behavior, communication or attitude that is disrespectful, condescending, belittling, or demeaning directed toward another individual is forbidden and not allowed. Failure to maintain an attitude and heart of respect may result in your discontinuation as a volunteer. 

Dependability - 

When your volunteer assignment is made to a TRM program area, the program depends on you to help accomplish their work for the day. If unable to keep your scheduled volunteer time, please email us or go through Volgistics (Volunteer database) on the TRM website to notify us.

Contribute  to the overall purpose and direction of TRM Ministries - 

TRM provides physical necessities (food, clothing, shelter) and proclaims the Good News of forgiveness of Jesus Christ. TRM expects volunteers to work with the Mission to achieve its purpose. 

Model Good Character  -

With positive attitudes, words, and actions with such qualities as enthusiasm, flexibility, gentleness, hospitality, joyfulness and sensitivity.

Dress Requirements  - 

For the safety and security of volunteers and for insurance requirements, you are asked to follow the dress code: 

  • Dress modestly: No tube, tank, halter, or crop (mid-riff) tops. Dresses, shorts or skirts should be knee length or longer; capris are fine, but NO short shorts. 

  • No sandals or open toed shoes allowed for working in the Distribution Center, Warehouse, or any assignment in the kitchen or dining room area. 

  • Flip flops are not allowed in any area of TRM Ministries. 

  • Volunteers and staff are expected to present a clean and neat appearance. 

  • In the kitchen, pants or capris must be below knee – no shorts. Shirts must have at least short sleeves. A ball cap may be worn in place of a hair net (hair net provided) while serving meals. 

Confidentiality  –

You are asked to maintain the confidentiality of all guests and community receiving services or staying at the Mission. Please do NOT relay names or identities to friends or family out of respect for the privacy of the children and adults receiving TRM services. Please ensure your children also understand the need for confidentiality.

Age requirement –

ALL Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries Program Areas: The minimum age to volunteer varies with each program area, duties required, safety considerations, and the ability to positively assist in the program area work. Volunteer Services and staff have the responsibility and authority to determine when youth may or may not be appropriate for the program area. 

  • Our current policy is that children must be at least 12 years of age to volunteer. 

  • Shelters, Distribution Center, Warehouse - all youth under 18 years old must work alongside a parent and may not be any place on Mission property without the parent in close proximity to the youth. Groups must have a ratio of 1 adult to every 10 youth. 

Be wise! 

We want volunteers to feel free to get to know guests while volunteering. However, please be aware there may be some people who may take advantage of your kindness. 

  • Giving rides to anyone requires prior approval from your program supervisor 

  • Money should not be given to anyone. 

  • Be sure to keep your belongings with you. 

  • Do not make any decisions for the guests. Instead, refer them to staff with questions outside your specific volunteer area of service. 

  • Dating a guest of the Mission is not allowed. 

  • Get clearance from the staff for inviting a guest to your home or to any outside activities. 

  • Report any inappropriate behavior or anything that makes you uncomfortable to your supervisor or to Volunteer Services staff. 

Practice good health – 

  • Remain home if ill, coughing, or having any other potentially contagious disease, so germs are not spread to guests, staff and other volunteers. 

  • If you suspect you have a potentially infectious or contagious disease you may not work with or around any food products. 

  • Wash your hands often! Cover your cough and sneezes in your elbow! 

Thank you again for your desire to volunteer! Please be sure to contact Volunteer Services if you have any questions or concerns. 

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