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Street Reach
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For those struggling with mental health or long-term addiction, coming into TRM can be a huge challenge. TRM provides a mobile service to reach out to these unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness. 

Trusting strangers for help or being around large groups of people can trigger responses of fear, panic and stress - responses programmed through a lifetime of abuse, neglect and trauma. Unable to seek help, many of these individuals become the "unsheltered homeless", living in tents or abandoned buildings, under bridges, in wooded areas, and in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. TRM's ministry Street Reach locates these unsheltered individuals and provides a number of services including, but not limited to:

- The introduction of TRM Ministries and community services available with referrals as needed

- Food and water

- Clothing 

- Winter gear (hats, gloves, coats, etc)

- Summer gear (insect repellent, sunscreen, etc)

- Prayer, encouragement, and human kindness

Hand caressing cute homeless dog with sweet looking eyes in summer park. Person hugging ad


We are often asked: "What about their pets?" Meet our partner in caring for the animals of unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness! 


About Dr. Crow and the team:

Dr. Crow graduated from Kansas State University with her MPH in 2013 and DVM in 2014, and currently works as a small animal veterinarian at the Animal Clinic of North Topeka. Her love of volunteering led her to accept an invitation in 2020 to join case managers from Valeo Behavioral Health and Topeka Rescue Mission’s Street Reach Staff to reach out to homeless members of the community and their pets. After seeing how providing veterinary care helped the case managers build trust with homeless pet owners more easily, the team spent months praying about how to form a program that would be sustainable long term. The Street Dog Coalition was the answer to that prayer!

You can find the team driving around to known homeless campsites, setting up in various church parking lots across the city in coordination with the Mobile Access Partnership, or providing spay/neuter or other in-clinic services at the Animal Clinic of North Topeka on an as-needed basis. Each outreach is a success when we love the pet owners as Christ first loved us, treat everyone with dignity and respect, and provide for the pets as we would our own - caring for the lives on BOTH ends of the leash.

About SDC in general:

The Street Dog Coalition began in 2015 in Ft. Collins, CO as a single event of veterinarians and support staff providing free veterinary care to the homeless. It has since expanded into over 50 teams across the nation. Their values include unbridled collaboration with other community organizations, empathetic empowerment of pet owners to provide for their pets, and unconditional love that cares for the lives on both ends of the leash. Through corporate sponsors and donations, SDC is able to provide teams with vaccinations, parasite control, basic medications, and medical supplies so pets receive the highest quality of care.

Dr. Crow and her team!
Helping unsheltered animals


Learn more about the unsheltered individuals in our community and beyond.


Find out how you can join our team to help unsheltered individuals in Topeka and beyond.


Are the unsheltered on your heart? Donate financially to Street Reach - just select "Street Reach" in the fund - or donate supplies needed.

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