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La Manda Broyles

Executive Director

Koutrney Is Difficult Barr-3.jpg

Deputy Director of Transformational Services

Kourtney Barr

Koutrney Is Difficult Barr-6.jpg

Miriam Krehbiel

Deputy Director of Supportive Services 

Molinar Marcus.jpg

Marcus Molinar 

Deputy Director of Facilities & Security 

Roberts John.jpg

Deputy Director of Community Needs & Services 

John Roberts

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Christian Stringfellow

Deputy Director of Shelter Services

Kodee Bloom

Director of Trauma Education and Development

Jenny Falk

Director of MAP Operations

Rachel Flenniken

Director of Hope Center

Sally Herrera 

Director of Culinary Arts and Services

Haleigh Hipsher

Director of Street Reach

Andrew Lucas

Director of Distribution Services

Miranda Molinar 

Executive Assistant/Media Relations 

Kim Scharrer

Director of Guest Management Team

Mike Schoettle

Director of Spiritual Wellness & Discipleship

Josh Turley

Director of Strategic Development

Kim Turley

Director of Human Resources 


Penny Moylan 


John Ostenson

Vice President

Mike Rinehart


Dr. Aarion Gray


Greg Armbruster

Board Member

Shelly Buhler

Board Member

Lino Munoz

Board Member

John Williams

Board Member

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