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Ronee was a referral from Topeka Correctional Facility. She had spent 5 years incarcerated for a drug charge, and lost her 3 children, who were living in Texas. We partnered with Ronee and TCF to assist her in her housing search, in which her felony was a barrier. Ronee knew she wanted to find a home with enough space for her children, as she was insistent on bringing them home as soon as possible. 

She landed a job quickly after her release and started saving money. We worked closely with local landlords to find a house not only within her budget, but a landlord who would give her a second chance. We ran into several “no’s”, but Ronee never lost sight of her goal, to have her own place, and reunite with her children. 

We eventually partnered with WCW Property Management and were able to find the perfect place. The property owner asked that Ronee write a letter, outlining the changes she has made, and wanted to continue to make in her life. He asked me to write a letter of character reference, and recommendation. This was not difficult, because Ronee worked so hard towards her housing goal during the process, it was easy to see her determination and strong character. Ronee was approved for her place, a 3 bedroom + bonus room home, in June 2021. Later that month, Ronee was able to bring her 3 children home from their locations in Texas. With the money she was able to save, through the rent assistance we provided, she was able to purchase a vehicle. Ronee was referred to Voc Rehab, where she was able to enroll in school (PAID FOR!) and is now working towards her social work degree. Everything seemed to be on track! Recently Ronee’s oldest child was struggling in his new school, with attendance and grades. I was able to give Ronee information during a home visit about alternative high school programming, which she is exploring with her son. Ronee and her children are working together to navigate life’s every day ups and downs, and TOGETHER, they are doing GREAT! 

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