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Once a guest of TRM, Kenny fought a 43-year-long battle with meth and heroin. For over 40 years “home” for Kenny was sleeping on people’s couches, under bridges and in parks, and in tents and sleeping bags exposed to the elements.

Years of addiction and hard living had taken their toll until doctors told him it was a miracle his heart was still beating. 

While staying at TRM Kenny was hired to work the front desk at the mens’s shelter. He enrolled in the Rapid Rehousing program and was helped to obtain permanent housing. “It was awesome,” he said, “They really helped me. They said what they meant and they meant what they said, and they stuck by it. There were no hiccups, there were no bumps in the road, nothing.” He describes working with TRM as a smooth process that helped him get his ID, birth certificate, and take steps to pay off bills and save for a deposit for an apartment.

Today, at 61 years old, Kenny finally has over four years of sobriety and a home of his own! ​When asked how it feels, Kenny beams with pride. “It’s my own little castle,” he says. “It’s awesome. I love’s quite relaxing.” He’s already started thinking about renovation ideas and getting a dog, and has invited guests over for a house warming. He’s entered into a serious relationship for the first time in many years and is healthy enough to ride his bike to and from his job at TRM daily, a living testament to others like him that there is life, love, and hope even after years of addiction and homelessness. 

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