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Image by Aaron Burden

To speak with our main shelter, please call 785-354-1744. To speak with our Distribution Center, please call 785-357-4285

Since 1953, TRM has been a beacon of hope in the Topeka and NE Kansas communities to those experiencing homelessness, hunger, poverty and many forms of trauma. In 70 years of service TRM has grown from a small facility with basic services and just a few beds, to a multi-facility organization that provides shelter, food services, housing opportunities, human trafficking and trauma interventions, rehabilitation, and education for thousands of people in need every year. Additionally TRM works closely with other community organizations to bring food, clean clothing and showers to unsheltered individuals in the Topeka area. 

From providing shelter to 1,239 different individuals, to helping 163 individuals find safe and permanent housing, to providing 701,006 meals in 2023, TRM works tirelessly to support those in need in our community. 


We believe every person who walks through our doors is loved by God, and that each day is an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. We strive to identify and help heal the root causes of homelessness and poverty, working daily to bring Help and Hope through serving those experiencing homelessness and hunger. 

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