Meet Andre' Smith

Andre GraduationAndre's Graduation, with CaRE StaffI'm Andre' Smith and I'm 28 years old. I am a veteran and served two years in the United States Air Force. Upon my discharge, I moved back home to my wife and family in Virginia. Then my wife and I moved to Louisiana. We later got divorced while living in Louisiana. I moved to Kansas after my divorce to try something new-my brother was living in the area. Things didn't work out.

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A Heart Transformed by Gratitude

Doc driving the TRM forkliftDoc driving the TRM forkliftDoc came to TRM as a guest after experiencing a devastating loss in his personal life. He came to us a bitter, angry man whose life had spiraled into addiction. He was living outdoor homeless for more than 10 years prior to coming in to the Mission.

Over time, Doc began to understand the importance of God’s love and he accepted the Lord’s saving grace. Doc became a leader among his peers and invested a year learning to walk daily with Jesus and cultivate a servant’s heart. Those of us who had the privilege to work with Doc could clearly see how God was using him to encourage everyone he encountered.

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Amanda Baker

Amanda BakerAmanda BakerMy name is Amanda Baker and I’m from Strong City. I was put in the hospital with an infection on my back. When I got out of the hospital, I had to move in with my parents. I had many anger issues and personal challenges. I came up here to Topeka—Stormont Vail West Hospital—for help to try to figure out why I was doing what I was doing. When I was done there, I had nowhere to go, so that’s how I wound up here at the Mission. I have been here almost a year.

The CaRE program stands for Career Readiness Education and what they do is help you prepare to get a job. I’ve been at my job at Kwik Shop for almost 2 months now—it’ll be 2 months on June 24th. This new job is the first job I’ve had in over a year. It was a long struggle, because I kept getting turned down—I wanted a job—but nobody wanted me. This is the first job that said yes— so don’t give up. Just hang in there and don’t give up. I haven’t yet and I’m not going to.

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Chad Phillips

Chad PhillipsChad PhillipsMy name is Chad Phillips and knowing Jesus is the biggest blessing in my life! Scripture tells us, everything the enemy tries to steal – God will give back. When I came to the Mission in 2011, I had lost everything including my family. I had been struggling with a methamphetamine addiction on and off for 14 years, cut off contact with my family, lost my job and my vehicle. I had nothing left but a small voice inside my head that for the past 6 months had been saying, “This isn’t what I had planned for you.”

At the time, I thought it was my own conscience telling me, “This isn’t what you thought you would do with your life.” However, now I realize it was the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I knew at this low point that I had to get somewhere safe – so I showed up at TRM in the clothes I was wearing and a change of socks and underwear in my bag. My plan was to stay long enough to get sober, get a job, and then go back to the life I had been living. However, the Lord was kind enough to keep me at the Mission for a few months until my advocate sat me down and said, “We need to see some movement from you – we need to see you find employment or join a program.”

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Tom Bombardier

Tom BombardierTom Bombardier

I’m Tom Bombardier and now I’m the front desk trainer at the Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries Men’s shelter. Working at the front desk is a challenge and a blessing all at the same time. You get to minister to and meet all different walks of life. This has given me an opportunity to work with people that I’ve wanted to help for a long time, addicts and people who are homeless.

So, I used to have a business, a family and a house. I became disabled and couldn’t work anymore—I lost everything. I ended up on the street and literally lost everything I cared about. I lived on the street for over 2 years. I’ve also been an addict since I was a young child. Unfortunately, I started hanging around the wrong people and making poor decisions. I ended up going to prison.

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