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Bringing help and hope through Shelter, Service, and God’s Love, one person at a time.

As a guest of the Topeka Rescue Mission each person receives most or all of the following services:

Spiritual Ministry:

Our greatest mandate or calling which is also our greatest joy is to love God and love people. We, above all else, desire to show through our lives and service the love of God and the joy of a life committed to a loving, personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. We offer daily prayer groups for men and women and a nightly chapel service for everyone.

Program Management:

Program Manager Christian Stringfellow meeting with a guest.Program Manager Christian Stringfellow meeting with a guest.Program Managers will work with you to develop a plan for your stay that will best help you to be successful both while at TRM Ministries and after leaving. At the same time, the Program Manager will help you to recognize, deal with and work through the issues that led to being homeless.


We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and hospitable shelter for you to reside in while in transition to permanent housing. In 2019, TRM Ministries provided 89,004 nights of shelter with an average each night of 242 individuals sheltered.

Community and Agency Support:

TRM Ministries will provide assistance to you to connect with community agencies and services. Our team has established strong community support and collaborative community partners to assist you with mental health, physical health, dental services, vision services, veterans’ services and many others.

Housing Assistance:

TRM Ministries provides counsel, strategy and direction with an on staff housing specialist for you. He is eager to help you locate and obtain affordable, safe and appropriate permanent housing. Around 90% of families at the Hope Center receive some kind of housing assistance.

Other Services:

Clinic Marilyn Brown with nurse Jamie Taylor.Clinic Marilyn Brown with nurse Jamie Taylor.While staying at TRM Ministries Shelters, a host of other services may be provided as needed. Those include but are not limited to: transportation, medical, clothing, food, education and training, budgeting, etc.





Welcome to the TRM FAQs.

To view the answers, click on a question below.

Time at the Mission varies according to your needs. Please read the handout available at the front desk of the Main Shelter detailing TRM Ministries many program options.

No. There is no charge for staying at the Mission or eating a meal.  Donations are always needed and are welcome, however, we would rather see you save your money to go toward obtaining permanent housing.

No, but all guests are invited to attend. We believe you will receive a blessing in your life if you choose to attend.

IMPORTANT: If you choose not to attend the chapel services, you must observe QUIET TIME in the rest of the building while the service is being conducted. This means no T.V., radios, loud conversation, telephone calls, games, smoking, or going in and out of doors. ALL Mission guests are to be in the building during chapel services. Male guests (on men’s side) may stay in the dayroom during chapel services. All guests on the family and women’s side must be in their rooms if they choose not to attend chapel.

Yes, all mission guests will be required to attend various informational meetings or classes. Absence from these meetings or classes must be approved.

You are required to turn in all weapons, including scissors, laser pointers, nail files, ect., and tools (such as hammers, screwdrivers, ect.) or anything that could be used or misinterpreted as a weapon at the front desk. Be sure all your luggage and bags are labeled with your name, and your room and locker number. (Your bed number and your locker number will be identical.) You are advised not to keep money or valuables in your living area. Keep them with you.

The Mission will try to protect your property, but we cannot be responsible for property that is damaged, lost or stolen. Because of a lack of storage space, we request that you limit your luggage or bags to two per person. All medication must be locked up in your locker or kept with you at all times. They cannot be left sitting around or unsecured at any time.

All items that you use remain Mission property unless you are told that you may keep them. You are expected to take care of ALL Mission property that you use. Damage to or theft of property, will result in a bar from the Mission until the property is replaced. Legal action may also be taken in such cases. (Accidental damage to property is the exception to this policy.)

We want your stay at the Mission to be a safe and secure one. The staff invest considerable time and effort in the attempt to ensure your safety, and we ask that you do your part by observing these guidelines.

  1. Fire escapes and doorways leading to them must be kept clear at all times. Do not use these areas as a lounge.
  2. Smoking is limited to designated areas because of the fire hazard and for the comfort of our non-smoking guests.
  3. No weapons may be carried at any time while you are living at the Mission or on Mission property.
  4. Fighting is strictly prohibited. No form of abuse of any person will be tolerated.
  5. Abuse of alcohol and other non-prescription drugs has been the greatest source of problems in the past. For this reason, these substances may not be brought into the Mission. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or other non-prescription drugs will be asked to leave the Mission. Habitual offenders and those who are seen to be a threat to safety, may be asked to leave the Mission for long periods of time. We will help people with problems to find someone who can help you. We are connected to many different resources in our community and want to help you.
  6. If you have any concerns about your safety, tell us immediately!

Cleanliness is the best prevention of the spread of illness and disease. For your own protection you are expected to shower and shampoo daily, to change clothes at least every other day, to wear foot coverings at all times, and to eat food only in the dining room and the day rooms. Your bed will be used only by you while you are our guest. Please make it up in the morning. Ask the desk staff if you feel you need to move to another bed. We need to know where you are in case of an emergency.


Please keep in mind that there are many other people here and try not to offend or irritate them. Improper clothing with offensive, vulgar or profane pictures, images or writing will not be allowed. This will be determined by shelter management, as will loud or off color language and stories, lying down in the dayroom, or putting your feet on the furniture. Again, abusive language or treatment of ANYONE will not be tolerated. Finally, regarding the use of the phones: please be courteous and try to limit the time you spend on them.

Guests may pick up mail at the front desk. Regular mail may be picked up Monday-Saturday. We will try to have the mail that is delivered M-F available after 3:PM on the same day. Mail delivered on Saturday will be available on Monday.

Mail will be given only to the person to whom it is addressed. The Post Office will not leave certified mail, nor allow you to receive certified mail here, unless you are a registered guest the night before it is delivered. The Post Office will not accept a change of address form when you leave the Mission, but you may leave your new address at the front desk, and we will forward mail at the desk for 30 days from the date you leave the Mission. (Please remember, it is not permissible to forward some mail, such as SRS checks and food stamps.) When you leave the Mission, if you wish to have your mail held for 30 days, fill out a hold mail slip. Otherwise mail held at the desk will be returned to sender. Mail not picked up after 30 days from leaving TRM Ministries is returned to sender. If you are barred, mail cannot be held.

Experience has shown that these guidelines are necessary to protect your property, your safety, your health, and your peace of mind while you are our guest. Because we must protect all of our guests, we may have to ask you to leave the Mission if you fail to observe the guidelines.

Yes, and these will be communicated by staff. Please feel free to ask our staff if you have any questions. Please note, it is impossible to have every possible rule or guideline written down but we will do our best to communicate them. We want to help you and ensure your stay with us is safe, secure and encouraging to you.

Charity Navigator StarLogoWe have achieved a 4 star rating (the highest possible rating) by the independent and highly-respected Charity Navigator organization. Click here to see how they ranked us, more detail regarding donations, and how revenue is allocated. As servant leaders called by Jesus Christ, we take feeding, clothing, sheltering, equipping and the transformation of lives very seriously. We are always looking for ways to increase efficiencies. 1600 volunteers a month help us to keep the doors open and the lights on. We rely heavily on every volunteer and appreciate their time and dedication. Thank you for asking.