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Bringing help and hope through Shelter, Service, and God’s Love, one person at a time.

As a guest of the Topeka Rescue Mission each person receives most or all of the following services:

Spiritual Ministry:

Our greatest mandate or calling which is also our greatest joy is to love God and love people. We, above all else, desire to show through our lives and service the love of God and the joy of a life committed to a loving, personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. We offer daily prayer groups for men and women and a nightly chapel service for everyone.

Program Management:

Program Manager Christian Stringfellow meeting with a guest.Program Manager Christian Stringfellow meeting with a guest.Program Managers will work with you to develop a plan for your stay that will best help you to be successful both while at TRM Ministries and after leaving. At the same time, the Program Manager will help you to recognize, deal with and work through the issues that led to being homeless.


We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and hospitable shelter for you to reside in while in transition to permanent housing. In 2016, TRM Ministries provided 91,202 nights of shelter with an average each night of 250 individuals sheltered.

Community and Agency Support:

TRM Ministries will provide assistance to you to connect with community agencies and services. Our team has established strong community support and collaborative community partners to assist you with mental health, physical health, dental services, vision services, veterans’ services and many others.

Housing Assistance:

TRM Ministries provides counsel, strategy and direction with an on staff housing specialist for you. He is eager to help you locate and obtain affordable, safe and appropriate permanent housing. Around 90% of families at the Hope Center receive some kind of housing assistance.

Other Services:

Clinic Marilyn Brown with nurse Jamie Taylor.Clinic Marilyn Brown with nurse Jamie Taylor.While staying at TRM Ministries Shelters, a host of other services may be provided as needed. Those include but are not limited to: transportation, medical, clothing, food, education and training, budgeting, etc.

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Topeka Rescue Mission

Facilities: 354-1744
Hope Center x309
Men’s Shelter x301
Distribution Center 357-4285
Thrift Store 235-9094
TRM Boutique on the Blvd 478-5744

Programs: 354-1744
Dining Services x322
Food Distribution x366
Education & Mentoring x338
Volunteer Services x393

NET Reach 785-783-2535 x106
Operation Street Reach 785-230-8237

Monetary: 785-354-1744 x316
Material: 785-357-4285
Food: 785-357-4285

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