People in our community suffer everyday from poverty, hunger and homelessness. They have one big question. "Do I matter? Do people see me? Does anyone want to know my story? Does anyone care?"

We are pleased to announce THREEDOM TOPEKA, a new monthly campaign to give each member of our community a way to get involved in whatever capacity they are able, with the resources they have. On the 3rd of every month, we are asking every individual in our community to do three things:

ONE: Pray. On the 3rd day of every month, pray for those of us on the front lines of serving the homeless, the hungry, the victims of trauma and abuse, and those suffering from illness and despair. It’s a daily, hourly, moment-by-moment job that requires great support and grace to keep our staff going. Pray for all those receiving our services, and pray for those suffering in silence, who have not yet found their voice to ask for help.

TWO: Give. On the 3rd day of every month, give something in the amount of three. Whether it’s $3, $30, or $300, it matters! If everyone in the greater Topeka community gave TRM just $3 per month, it would enable us to continue our current operations and greatly expand our services. If 3,000 new donors gave $30 a month, it would create an additional $1 million per year to help ease suffering and bring greater freedom to those we serve. To give now, Click Here!

THREE: Reach. On the 3rd day of every month, make a note to reach out to 3 people you don’t know during the month and do something kind - possibly just a smile, cookies for your new neighbor, paying for the meal at the table or car behind you at the drive through. AND don’t forget to reach out to yourself too. Whatever your circumstances, you matter too. You are part of our community. You have value in our community and value to those we serve. Without you we cannot help those who are suffering. To learn how to Volunteer with Topeka Rescue Mission Ministries, Click Here! We would also LOVE to hear your stories of how you REACHED someone. Please share those with us on Facebook!

As we enter this brand new decade, we hope to continue to unite the Topeka community and remind them of the simple power of three: praying together, giving together, reaching together - and the freedom it can create.

Be sure to follow TRM Ministries on Facebook to watch our Live videos on the 3rd of every month, share your Threedom stories, and to stay up to date with how you can get involved!

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